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  • SAE 100 R1AT SAE 100 R2AT DIN EN 857 1SC DIN EN 857 2SC EN 853 1ST/SAE 100 R.. EN853 2ST/SAE 100 R2.. SAE J517 TYPE 100 R1.. SAE 100 R17 SAE 100 R3 SAE 100 R4 SAE 100 R6 SAE 100 R7/ EN 855 R.. SAE 100 R8 / EN855 R.. SAE J517 TYPE 100 R5 SAE 100 R12 /EN 856 .. SAE 100 R13 /EN 856 .. SAE 100 R15 EN856 4SP EN856 4SH SAE 100 R9 Steam Hose Hydraulic Brake Hose Air Brake Hose Suction and Discharg.. Suction and Discharg.. Oil Hose/Fuel hose Rubber Water Hose Rubber Air Hose Rubber Gas LPG Hose Dredging Hose Expansion Hose Drilling Hose Conveying Hose Sand Blasting Hose Fireproof Hose Corrugated Metal Cul.. Hose Coupling

    SAE 100 R1AT / DIN EN 853 1SN

    Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber;
    Reinforcement: One high tensile steel wire braid...

    SAE 100 R2AT / DIN EN 853 2SN

    Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber;
    Reinforcement: Two high tensile steel wire layers 2 w...

    SAE 100 R12 / EN 856 R12

    Tube: High Temperature,High Impact Synthetic Rubber.
    Reinforcement: Four high tensile steel wire spiral layers (4W/S)....

    About Sofeiflex Hose

    HengShui Sofeiflex Hose Co.,Ltd was founded in 1986, is located in HengShui city,HeBei province,covers an area of 25000 square meters, the registered capital of 37000000 RMB, we have strong technical equipment, and passed ISO 9001 quality system certification. The main production and testing equipment have more than 240 sets, the annual production of high pressure hose is more than 6000000 meters, all kinds of hose assembly more than 300000 sets......Learn More ยป

    News Update

    Hose Storage Store in a clean,cool and dry area; Avoid direct sun light or moisture; Do not store near high power electrical equipment; Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals

    Hose Bending Radius The minimum bend radius of a hose refers to the minimum radius that the hose may be bent through whilst operating at the maximum working pressure.

    Temperature Range In order not to negatively effect the properties of the rubber hoses, it should be made certain that fluid and ambient temperatures, both steady and transient,do not exceed the limitations of the hose. Temperatures below

    Hose Size The size of the components must be adequate to keep pressure drops to a minimum and avoid aging due to heat generation or excessive fluid velocity.